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Training cost analysis

ELI has been researching how companies could save up to a quarter of a million dollars by eliminating hidden waste and improving efficiency in the area of training and related processes. Use our Training cost analysis to make your staff training more efficient.

Watch the Video on how to save $250,000 or more a year in training costs and process related waste.

Reduce training costs and learn about hidden waste indicators




Most companies today are under increased pressure to cut cost and to stretch budgets. Once the initial mass training that justified the project has been done, in many cases the investment is abandoned. The challenge is to keep training materials up-to-date and relevant for new recruits and for refresher training.  Software in the Accelerator suite allows this to be accomplished at an affordable cost.

ELI can advise companies on speeding up the editing process , reducing
hidden waste and costs with our training cost analysis.


By carrying out a free analysis of your companies training content and documentation and examining key risk areas related to user adoption within the organization. We will evaluate many indicators that we use to measure risk factors that increase costs. In doing so we can provide an estimate of the cost savings and improvements.

WHAT IS Elearning Incorporated’s experience in cost saving analysis

ELI has worked with hundreds of companies on training and change management projects that all have the goal of increasing cost efficiencies and doing business better. What we noticed was that the focus is on delivery. There are no cost/risk inhibitors built into the final solution. Support teams who help users after go-live rarely know about hidden costs and where to look for them.


We propose two solutions. First we can provide a FREE review of what hidden costs, inefficiencies and cost risks that you may have. You will receive a Cost/Waste risk rating and evaluation. If requested, we can advise on a strategy to reduce costs if the rating is high. ELI can work with you to make improvements and realize the savings we talk about.



How does the Cost Analysis work to help reduce training costs?

This is just one example element in the FREE analysis

Earmarking which data fields or objects contained in your content are at risk of change. Topics containing these items will need to be maintained to prevent them prevent end-user alienation and rising costs. Savings are well over 25% per year on maintenance and development costs thereafter. Maskit is used for development productivity as well as maintenance and support productivity. The software is especially valuable where companies have large libraries of content and are facing problems keeping them up to date. Maskit helps developers creating or maintaining content to do correction or maintenance edits from 4 to 20 times quicker than other products creating content.

How companies used Maskit to save thousands of dollars.

A software project upgrade to Oracle EBS release 12. Extensive use of screen- shot replacements plus image editing where topics required updates, but the data was no longer available in the system to re-record. Use of the Accelerator suite enabled this International UN Organization to retain all the developer annotations and bubble texts without having to record again. Changes in the display-field order in many screens had occurred but with ELI’s simple editing tools we were able to upgrade the topics with minimal re-recording in UPK.

A major British publication company required a new set of training topics to be developed for the roll out of Oracle Financials to the United States. Maskit was able to take the existing e-learning training documents and with its Edge Technology (Accelerator Suite), update the UK-specific data items like Fixed Asset book and other accounting information to US data. This provided the customer with a huge time savings by avoiding the need to create new materials in UPK.

Watch a video and see some of the unique cost saving features

After making a recording or screen capture, Maskit can now transform the background images to appear like the application by using a various tools created by ELI for making masks and loading them with your company data. Simply point and click on areas you need to change and turn them automatically into data fields to mask your confidential data. This makes confidentiality and security easy and is also a cost-saving process.



How can Maskit help reduce costs?

Reducing training costs is not only about using Maskit software. Maskit may be just a part of the cost-reduction strategy.

See for more details on the overall approach.

Maskit is a tool that is designed to prevent your content from becoming out of date. When it is out of date, your user adoption and support costs rise. When you create content with Maskit, it contains anti-aging features that mean you can keep the objects fresh and accurate by feeding in new data from Maskit-created data files.

Maskit is up to 20 times faster for updating training than normal methods. Maskit reduces maintenance of content and editing from 4 to 20 times depending on the type of change. A developer can save many hours a week by using Maskit.
You can start doing the math!

WHAT IS SPECIAL ABOUT Elearning Incorporated…We understand !

ELI provides a high-quality, low-cost, revolutionary approach to electronic learning for ERP systems and software demonstrations.
Maskit produces effective, user-friendly training materials in a fraction of the time and cost of traditional methods. ELI has been in business for many years and grew out of a partnership between two specialist training companies, one in the USA and the other in Europe. This transatlantic alliance brought together experience from global training projects and helped recognize various needs for people working in the digital authoring business. We are training consultants making tools for consultants so as to let us all do our jobs more efficiently.

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