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Reduce training costs

MASKIT offers tools that can reduce training costs significantly.

MASKIT reduces the cost of both the initial training courseware development and on-going maintenance. Importantly, the software allows training materials developed with one set of data to be re-used with a totally different data-set.
Training is more productive when it uses pseudo-live data and real-world scenarios. MASKIT allows this to be accomplished across diverse departments, divisions and even companies. This ‘customization’ of the materials can be accomplished quickly and easily. The edits are undetectable to the human eye. Best results can be achieved by combining our data masking tool and consulting services.

How to reduce training costs

First become aware of hidden factors that impact costs.

The main reason that training cost increase is that users find the content to be out of date or not specific enough to help them with solutions in their moment of need. The following are some of the factors that have an indirect or direct impact on users in performing their tasks efficiently:-

The half-life of data is becoming shorter and shorter; therefore content goes out of date more quickly.

Training content delivered as part of a cloud-computing solution requires more maintenance than intranet-based content. It has to be up to date and requires more diligence and effort (COST) to maintain.

The amount of new information and data used in businesses is growing so fast that it is becoming unrealistic to try to train people to remember information anymore. Users want accurate help at the point when and where they are using the application.

E-learning development budgets only provide for the creation of content, not keeping it up to date. WHY? Because management currently believes maintaining means re-developing. There has been no easy cost-effective tool or way to simply change and maintain electronic content.

The trend is for systems integrators to offer fixed-price, fixed-scope projects that provide Oracle User Productivity Kit (UPK) or e-learning content but leave the customer without the skills or budget to update the content.

Software that has been used so far to update and maintain screen shots in e-learning is extremely user unfriendly.

E-learning development software is designed to produce disposable training courses. You create a topic and if it gets out of date then you simply have to replace it with a new one created from scratch.

External content developers would rather develop a new course than try to update an existing one owing to the problems that updating has entailed. This therefore perpetuates the problem of throw-away content.

Root Causes of ineffective training materials

Today’s reality is that it takes less and less time for end-user alienation to emerge. In practice if the content has not been maintained by the end of the first year after go-live, then it is going to be ineffective. The reason content shelf-life is becoming shorter and shorter is the diminishing half-life and the growing volume of data.

Another factor to remember is that the count-down to obsolescence starts when development is completed, which is frequently some months before go-live. Add to this the phased releases of software functionality and we find that there are changes to the system for 6 months or more after go-live.

This whole area of content obsolescence is the biggest stumbling block companies face today in being able to move from on-line learning and support to a true blended approach of performance support, integrated with well-maintained e-learning topics. As education specialists, this is the summit we have in our sights. Maskit provides the tools to reach the summit.

What steps can be taken to reduce training costs.

Perform an analysis of user performance from help desk statistics. Getting to the root cause. Engage help to do a review of hidden costs and to provide a road map for cost reduction and increased performance. Keep the training materials fresh and current in terms of data and processes. This may require more budget and planning. Spending money to save money! Use software like Maskit to create updatable training materials.


How can using Maskit help reduce training costs?

By earmarking which data fields or objects contained in any content are at risk of change. Topics containing these items will need to be maintained to prevent them from becoming redundant as training tools.
Savings are well over 25% per year on maintenance and development costs thereafter. Maskit is used for development productivity as well as maintenance and support productivity. The software is especially valuable where companies have large libraries of content and are facing problems keeping them up to date. Maskit helps developers creating or maintaining content to do correction or maintenance edits from 4 to 20 times quicker than other products creating content.

An example of how editing existing training material saved companies thousands of dollars by using Maskit.

AN UPGRADE TO ORACLE EBS 12: Extensive use of screen-shot replacements plus image editing where topics required updates but the data was no longer available in the system to re-record. Use of the Accelerator suite enabled this International UN Organization to retain all the developer annotations and bubble texts without having to record again. Changes in the display-field order in many screens had occurred but with ELI’s simple editing tools we were able to upgrade the topics with minimal recording in UPK.

A major British publication company required a new set of training topics to be developed for the roll-out of Oracle Financials to the United States. Maskit was able to take the existing e-learning training documents and with its Edge Technology (Accelerator Suite) update the UK-specific data items like Fixed Asset book and other accounting information to US data. This provided the customer with a huge time savings by avoiding the need to create new materials in UPK.

Watch a video and see some of the unique cost saving features After making a recording or screen capture, Maskit can now transform the background images to appear like the application by using a various tools created by ELI for making masks and loading them with your company data. Simply point and click on areas you need to change and turn them automatically into data fields to mask your confidential data. This makes confidentiality and security easy and is also a cost saving process.

Principal Features of Maskit

See how we reduce cost by using Maskit.


Maskit provides all the features a developer of training or technical documentation may need. Users may import images from stand-alone files, from PowerPoint, from videos, from XML files, from other Maskit projects and from exported R-UPK topics. R-UPK works with the Oracle User Productivity kit and can edit topics and export them to Maskit. The Maskit software can import projects from Adobe Captivate and mask the images before returning them to Captivate. The product can be used with many other development tools and is designed to do so with its open XML interface. Full audio and time-line functionality is included. Maskit projects may be published to Flash, as Windows-executable files, or as Word documents. Individual slides may be exported as PNG images.

Editing functions available in MASKIT include:

  • Edge technology to mask fields and other areas
  • Change the text, fonts, background, colors and borders of masks.
  • Save masks for reuse on the next screenshot.
  • Capture screenshots and import as images.
  • Place a mask on a screen shot to OCR the text.
  • Select an area of the screenshot as an image and copy it or drag it to another location.
  • Save an image to the library. Paste an image from the library.
  • Add shapes (objects) to the screenshot.
  • When edits are saved, they are rendered seamlessly into the screenshot.

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