Image editing and Data masking tool

MASKIT is an advanced image-editor application that uses Edge Technology to save you hours of wasted editing time. It is a perfect tool for data masking and editing training materials and data.

  • Features
  • Quick and easy-to-use picture editing software
  • No slow and difficult tools to mask and edit data
  • No fiddling about trying to fit masks exactly over unwanted sections in training
  • Correct embedded text in seconds – not minutes or hours.
  • Remove popups, prompts, text tips and all the other infuriating recording blips.
  • Change official documents into new documents in seconds
  • Hide and protect your confidential information or sensitive data

Use Maskit with No Training and No Special Skills required.

Screenshot editing

Maskit protects your financial information and personal data. Especially when creating training materials from screen captures like this.

All Accelerator Suite products use ELI’s proprietary Edge technology. The user clicks on any field or other defined area of the screenshot. The tool fits a mask over the field, picks up the background color and uses OCR to recognize any existing text and make it immediately editable.

MASKIT is the latest product in the Accelerator suite of products from Elearning Incorporated. Accelerator products include ELI’s patented Edge Technology.

Save training costs by editing e-learning material with Maskit

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